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Mediumship is a subject held under much scrutiny and disdain by the scientific community, and by the general population. Practitioners are seen as cold reading charlatans who feed off the gullible and vulnerable. Many individuals who visit a medium certainly seem very convinced in their legitimacy, although many argue that this is due to an unconscious bias we have to recognise and remember “hits” (information which makes sense to us) and forget “misses” (information which does not). It is certain that misses do occur frequently which leads many to conclude that practitioners are using techniques such as hot and cold reading to evaluation client reactions and expressions to hone in on likely facts about them. Is this the case? Or is it simply that the process of mediumship is simply misunderstood. I had a session with Marie Hayes at Marie and Spirit. My full review of the session can be found here, however to break it down there were certainly many misses during the time which I took note of, however there were also many hits which seemed extremely specific and unlikely to be the result of cold reading. I had taken hot reading off the cards by revealing no information about myself prior to meeting Marie. If you know me well enough by now you should be aware that I am highly intelligent (with full attempt to not sound narcissistic) and am not likely to be fooled by the traditional tricks of the frauds. The fact that I am writing a book is unusual for someone of my age, and Marie’s successful “assumption” that this is the case adds strong credence to her ability. Overall, I was very impressed with our session and came away more convinced that she has a connection to something beyond the physical than I was convinced that she was a fraud or simply deluded.

In this episode of the Seeking I Life Exploration Podcast I chat with Marie a couple of months after our session, and discuss how the process of mediumship works.

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