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Positive thinking is a process peddled by many practitioners of therapies of the mind, most commonly CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). We can find many videos, books and tutorials around the world teaching us how to use a positive state of mind to improve our quality of life and productivity. Many of these are designed to rush you into thinking more positively to help you benefit from lessened anxiety over situations you face, which is certainly a very beneficial skill if you can learn it. However, in order to expand this capability to serveĀ  a life-long period of time, it is important that we understand what positive thinking can indeed do, but also where its limitations sit. If used incorrectly, forced positive thought can be detrimental to us rather than beneficial, and despite many sources telling you otherwise, it is not possible nor healthy to deny or avoid negative thoughts. The difference is understanding how to approach negative situations but not allow them to leave a permanent scar on our minds.

In this episode, I talk about my beliefs and my experience in the subject of positive thinking from my many years undergoing CBT and studying my own life day by day, watching my mind at work.

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