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Doctor Penny Sartori

If you have never heard of this fascinating lady before, Dr Penny Sartori is (in my opinion) one of the world’s leading researchers into the phenomena of the Near Death Experience. Her research began after a very distressing experience as an ICU (Intensive Care Unit) nurse in which she was faced with a patient who ultimately suffered a prolonged painful death. This lead her to begin thinking more deeply about death, what it means to die and ultimately what it means to be alive.

Penny Sartori

Dr Penny Sartori


I had the opportunity to meet with her and discuss her case studies of near death experiencers during their close brushes with death, studies which offered great evidence in support of consciousness survival after death. From an individual who accurately described the scene in the emergency room despite having full sensory deprivation to a life long cerebral palsy sufferer who overnight had a miraculous recovery in the dexterity of their hand which should by all accounts be not possible.

Find our discussion below where we delve deep into Dr Sartori’s story and try to uncover some very suggestive objective evidence that the Near Death Experience is more than simple (or more accurately, incredibly complex) brain chemistry. Her studies may be some of the most important in the field to date and certainly worth hearing!


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