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Reiki is a spiritual practice of energy healing originating from Japan which has recently gained a lot of popularity in the West as New-Age idealism has begun to dominate the world’s cultures.

It is believed by practitioners of Reiki that the human being is comprised of the physical body, and a series of energy bodies which help maintain the health and general well being of the physical body. This view is certainly the most accepted theory amongst the spiritual community, and evidence gathered from esoteric practices such as Reiki, Yoga, Acupuncture seem to suggest that this may not be far from the truth.

The below video provides an interview I undertook with a teacher and practitioner or Reiki, Christine from She has had much experience dealing with the entire energy body system, and has helped many of her students and patients learn to recharge and optimise the energies that govern their lives. From helping her own body recover more efficiently from damage caused from cancer, to assisting with the separation at the time of death for a terminally ill dog, Christine certainly has a great wealth of knowledge on the subject unlike myself, so I took the opportunity to learn more about Reiki from her, and certainly intent to attend a session of her’s to learn even further.

Whether you are a believer of the energy body theory or not, this is certainly a very interesting interview and a great introduction to Reiki, what it is and how it works.


Unfortunately I have had to restart the Seeking I YouTube channel. This video will be available soon on the new channel!

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