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The Manifestation Miracle course is an online series of texts and videos based on the well known Law of Attraction. Now, I am no expert on the Law of Attraction, and only really know the baseline information surrounding it. However, after seeing this course highly recommended online, I have decided to purchase and follow this course. It focuses on a process it’s founder calls “Destiny Tuning”. From what I understand, this a system of techniques and exercises to help you tune in to your personal life destiny. To match the frequency of the universe to help it guide you through your perfect life.

Manifestation Miracle


The Purpose

I currently find myself in a somewhat stressful position in life. I work full time whilst trying to juggle two of my own businesses and attempting to launch Seeking I. As a result, I get confused as to where I should direct my life next. This gives a great opportunity to measure the effectiveness of this course, as I hope it will help me develop a clearer lifestyle and path to follow.

This isn’t to say I expect an instant result, to do so would be very unfair. Many people unfortunately¬†do expect instant results and as such review courses negatively after seeing no benefits within a week. However, this isn’t how I work. I plan to run through the entire course, practice it’s teachings, and recording any changes that take place within myself. They may be only slight, but any change is beneficial.

Please bear in mind, I am in no way a critic and have no intention of reviewing/recommending this course or others. I simply want to record the results that I myself experience from this course so that I can explore the Law of Attraction. Hopefully, this will help others decide for themselves if they would like to look into it themselves.


Find Out more

You can find an introduction video to the course, and more details about it at the Manifestation Miracle website here.

You can also find the introduction to our new course on Youtube, or find the whole course overview in our New Ideas Course post.