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A New Theory of Gravity Part 2 with Rex Finfgeld

Listen to the episode: YouTube Counterpart Join our Facebook Group or find this podcast on our YouTube channel! After a long time I finally managed to catch up with Rex Finfgeld regarding his ideas on the workings of gravity and the nature of...

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The Galileo Commission Report with Professor Harald Walach

I discuss the Galileo Commission Report with it’s author, Professor Harald Walach, courtesy of David Lorimer who helped facilitate our connection. The Galileo Commission Report is a very important document for anybody interested in the growth and development of science.

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Towards a New Model of Science with David Lorimer

I speak with David Lorimer, author and currently serving as the Program Director for the Scientific and Medical Network, about the current methods and assumptions of science and why we should be looking to expand them in the future.

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On Assertiveness

Let’s look at the concept of assertiveness. What is is and why is it important? Sometimes it’s incredibly difficult to be assertive, so how should we approach the concept in a constructive way?

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Positive Thinking

In this episode, I talk about my beliefs and my experience in the subject of positive thinking from my many years undergoing CBT and studying my own life day by day, watching my mind at work.

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Is the Earth Flat?

Is the Earth round as we’ve been told? Or is it in fact a flat plane, a fact that the powers that be want to keep from us?

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